Meals Together

Good food is better with good company.

Regular deliveries are great for a quick chat, but the Meals Together program goes a step further. It builds social connections for people who might otherwise be socially isolated.

Different services have been designed to support people in different circumstances, from visits at home to group outings.

Need help heating meals?

Hot Wheels volunteers are available to drop in around lunchtime and heat your meal for you. This service is intended for people who have difficulty using a microwave, and for people who might need a reminder that it’s time to eat.

Need some company?

Meet and Eat is for those who find it difficult to get out and about, we offer a once a month Meet and Eat service at your home. A local volunteer will bring lunch to share while enjoying an activity together. This could include crafts like painting and card making or small projects like scanning photos and using technology.

Meals Together Activities is a chance for social butterflies to get out of the house and meet up with a small group of likeminded people at a café or restaurant. These groups will change to suit the flavour of your local area, so check in with your local service to find out when and where the next Meals Together days out will be.