We were Finalists

North Shoalhaven Meals on Wheels was excited to announce that we were finalists, along with the Nowra Golf Club, for the Business Partnership Award in the Community Industry Group Awards Night 2023! In February 2023 North Shoalhaven Meals on Wheels officially moved its offices to the Nowra Golf Club. This move signifies not just a change in location but a powerful partnership that’s set to make a meaningful impact in the lives of local residents.

A New Beginning: The Office Relocation

Meals on Wheels has been an invaluable source of support for seniors and individuals living with disabilities in the North Shoalhaven area for years, and this relocation marks an exciting new chapter in their journey. The decision to relocate the North Shoalhaven Meals on Wheels offices to the Nowra Golf Club was carefully planned to ensure that the services provided to the community remain uninterrupted. The new office space at the Nowra Golf Club offers several advantages, including enhanced administrative capabilities, better accessibility and a more central location for volunteers and clients alike.

An Inspiring Partnership

What makes this move even more special is the collaboration between North Shoalhaven Meals on Wheels and the Nowra Golf Club. This partnership goes beyond the sharing of office space; it’s a meaningful alliance dedicated to giving back to the community. In recognition of this commitment, the joint venture was shortlisted for a Business Partnership award. The Business Partnership award serves as a testament to the incredible potential that arises when community-focused organisations come together. It highlights the power of collaboration in making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Looking Ahead

We proudly achieved a Highly Commended result in the Business Partnership award. However, it’s clear that the real winners are the individuals and families in the North Shoalhaven region who are now benefiting from this collaboration. Together, North Shoalhaven Meals on Wheels and the Nowra Golf Club are paving the way for a stronger, more connected and caring community.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting partnership, and let’s celebrate the positive change it will undoubtedly bring to our community.

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